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Lawyer company "Ogorodnyk & Partners"
(main office)

43025, Ukraine, Volyn region, Lutsk, Bogdan Khmelnitsky street, 47, office 3
  • +38 (099) 23244XX

Lines of activity

1. provision of legal information, advice and clarification of legal issues, legal support of businesses and individuals, state agencies, local governments, state

2. drafting applications, complaints, proceedings and other legal documents

3. protect the rights, freedoms and legal interests of suspect, accused, convicted, acquitted, the person whom assumed the use of coercive measures of medical or educational nature, or the question of their use in criminal proceedings, the person whom considered the question of issuing a foreign country ( extradition) and the person called to administrative responsibility in the proceedings of an administrative offense

4. providing legal assistance to the witness in criminal proceedings

5. representation of the victim in the proceedings of an administrative offense, rights and obligations of the victim, civil plaintiff, civil defendant in criminal proceedings

6. representation of individuals and legal entities in courts in the exercise of civil, commercial, administrative and constitutional justice and other public bodies to individuals and legal entities

7. epresentation of individuals and legal entities, state government bodies, local governments in foreign and international judicial bodies, unless otherwise provided by law of foreign countries, statutory documents of international judicial bodies and other international organizations or international treaties ratified by the Parlament

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